CD Landsgemeindekantate «Alles Leben strömt aus dir» (CD Extra)

BWV // Recording date: 27.04.2018

Rudolf Lutz

"CD Landsgemeindekantate «Alles Leben strömt aus dir»"

cantata BWV

Rudolf Lutz (music), Karl Graf (libretto)

For soprano, alto, tenor and bass; vocal ensemble, transverse flute, oboe I+II, corno, bassoon, strings and basso continuo

Our artistic director, Rudolf Lutz, set out to explore in detail the nature of the chorale cantata. Taking inspiration from the stellar example of Johann Sebastian Bach, Lutz chose a beloved chorale from our local region, Appenzellerland, as the basis of his composition. The resulting chorale cantata – Bachian in style, but original in content – is entitled “Alles Leben strömt aus dir” (All life flows from you). The subtitle “Landsgemeindekantate” (cantonal assembly cantata) reflects the cultural significance that this hymn holds for the people of eastern Switzerland; until 1997 the song was traditionally sung in four-part harmony at the annual assembly of all voting citizens in Appenzell Ausserrhoden. With the cantata “Alles Leben strömt aus dir”, the J. S. Bach Foundation is venturing into new territory. In our appreciation of historical performance practice, we do not want to stop at the correct use of period instruments and precise analysis of original texts and scores. Rather, by taking a free and original approach to the creation and interpretation of baroque music, we also want to bring new impetus and joy to contemporary composition and music making.

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Soprano: Monika Mauch
Alto: Elvira Bill
Tenor: Bernhard Berchtold
Bass: Markus Volpert


Soprano: Jessica Jans, Jennifer Ribeiro Rudin, Simone Schwark, Susanne Seitter, Noëmi Sohn Nad, Noëmi Tran-Rediger
Alto: Antonia Frey, Stefan Kahle, Alexandra Rawohl, Lisa Weiss, Sarah Widmer
Tenor: Marcel Fässler, Clemens Flämig, Christian Rathgeber, Sören Richter
Bass: Fabrice Hayoz, Daniel Pérez, Philippe Rayot, Jonathan Sells, William Wood


Conductor: Rudolf Lutz

Violin: Renate Steinmann, Monika Baer, Claire Foltzer, Olivia Schenkel, Marita Seeger, Salome Zimmermann
Viola: Susanna Hefti, Matthias Jäggi, Martina Zimmermann
Violoncello: Martin Zeller, Hristo Kouzmanov
Violone: Markus Bernhard
Oboe: Kerstin Kramp, Ingo Müller
Bassoon: Susann Landert
Transverse flute: Tomoko Mukoyama
Corno: Olivier Picon
Organ: Nicola Cumer
Harpsichord: Thomas Leininger

recording & editing

Production: GALLUS MEDIA AG, Schweiz
Recording director and editor: Stefan Ritzenthaler / GALLUS MEDIA AG
Recording assistant: Johannes Widmer

Additional Information

SKU: 250.94
EAN: 7640151160319
Duration: 0:19:31
Recording location: Trogen
Release year: 2018
Booklet's translations: Alice Noger-Gradon

CD Landsgemeindekantate «Alles Leben strömt aus dir»

Release year: 2018

CD Landsgemeindekantate «Alles Leben strömt aus dir»

Release year: 2018

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