Landsgemeindekantate «Alles Leben strömt aus dir»

place: Trogen AR (Schweiz) // Evangelische Kirche

Landsgemeindekantate «Alles Leben strömt aus dir»

27. April 2018

  • workshop: 17:30
  • concert: 19:00

"Landsgemeindekantate"*, for soprano, alto, tenor and bass, vocal ensemble and orchestra

* Under the patronage of Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden, the Commune of Trogen and the reformed church of Trogen. Generously supported by the foundations “Steinegg Stiftung” and “Hans und Wilma Stutz Stiftung”.

Rudolf Lutz (composition), Karl Graf (libretto)

Bach and the Appenzellerland region: it’s not just because of the baroque Grubenmann churches that this combination works so well. A unique musical heritage thrives in the rolling hills and charming array of farmhouses dotting the scenic landscape. Whether through string music, yodelling (“Zäuerle”), or full choral singing, the melodies of Canton Appenzell are alive and well. The Bach Foundation is celebrating its connection to the Appenzellerland region with the premiere of a chorale cantata on the traditional Appenzell song “Alles Leben strömt aus dir”. Known as the “Landsgemeindelied”, the hymn is based on an ode by the German poet Christiane Louise Rudolphi (1753 –1811) that was to music by the “Landschreiber” of Ausserrhoden, Johann Heinrich Tobler (1777–1838). In this new composition, the Foundation’s artistic director, Rudolf Lutz, and theologian Karl Graf create in music and text a setting of this hymn that may well have suited Johann Sebastian Bach and his librettists – an experiment that is part tongue-in-cheek, but also heart-felt and serious: it is, after all, an expression of one of Switzerland’s most beautiful traditional songs.