choir & orchestra

The Choir & Orchestra of the J. S. Bach Foundation was founded by Rudolf Lutz in 2006 for the purpose of realising the Foundation’s mission: to perform the complete vocal work of J. S. Bach and to foster a greater appreciation of his music both locally and internationally.

The ensemble is made up of professional musicians from throughout Switzerland, Germany and Austria. All members are experienced in historical performance practices and relish the challenge of exploring a contemporary and vital interpretation of Bach's cantatas. The Choir & Orchestra comprises regular members, with additional musicians being engaged according to the demands of the work performed. The choir is made up of young professional singers; its cast numbers up to 40 choristers, some of whom also have the opportunity to appear as soloists.

Conducted by Rudolf Lutz, the Choir & Orchestra has been performing Bach’s cantatas in a monthly concert cycle since October 2006. Throughout the ongoing work of this project, it has continually developed and matured. Today the ensemble is distinguished by its homogenous, yet flexible sound and its wealth of experience in the interpretation of Bach’s works. The quality and vitality of its performances have garnered the group notable critical acclaim. Beyond Bach, the ensemble also performs works by other baroque masters (such as Handel, Schütz, Corelli, Schelle and others) as well as classical composers including Beethoven and Mozart. In recent years, the Choir and Orchestra has ventured beyond its home concert hall in Trogen, Switzerland, and now gives regular concerts both nationally and abroad.

choir & orchestra of the j.s. bach foundation are also available for private concerts

For more information, please contact Xoán Castiñeira,Managing Director of the J.S. Bach Foundation: +41 71 242 16 65 oder  

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