Jesus schläft, was soll ich hoffen (DVD)

Jesus sleeps, what should my hope be?
BWV 81 // Recording date: 01/18/2008

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)

The DVD (in German, no subtitles) includes a film recording of the complete cantata, the reflection lecture of the speaker and a film portrait of the J. S. Bach Foundation.

"Jesus schläft, was soll ich hoffen"

cantata BWV 81 For the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany for alto, tenor and bass, (soprano in closing chorale), recorder I+II, oboe d’amore I+II, strings and continuo.

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Alto: Roswitha Müller
Tenor: Bernhard Berchtold
Bass: Wolf Matthias Friedrich


Soprano: Guro Hjemli


Conductor: Rudolf Lutz

Violin: Renate Steinmann, Fanny Tschanz
Viola: Susanna Hefti
Violoncello: Martin Zeller
Violone: Iris Finkbeiner
Oboe d'amore: Luise Baumgartl, Stefanie Haegele
Recorder/Flute: Armelle Plantier, Priska Comploi
Organ: Rudolf Lutz

recording & editing

Sound engineer: Stefan Ritzenthaler, Johannes Widmer
Producer: Meinrad Keel
Production: GALLUS MEDIA AG, Schweiz

reflection lecture

Reflection lecture: Rolf Dubs

Introductory workshop

Reflection lecture: Karl Graf, Rudolf Lutz

Additional Information

SKU: 201.04
EAN: 7640151161385
Duration: 1:32:37
Recording location: Trogen
Release year: 2009

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